The Life of Our Parish

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The role of the P&F is to represent the interests of the parent body and to help build community spirit and co-operation among our families, staff and parishioners.
As parents we have the opportunity to enjoy the exciting experience of our children’s school years by active participation and personal involvement in the school. The P&F provides a healthy forum for ideas and discussion. We assist in planning and organising functions and fundraisers to provide financial assistance towards teaching resources and the development of school facilities.
Over recent years, the P&F has undertaken and funded:
•The Kindy nature playground
•Resurfacing of the netball courts
•Smart boards for all classrooms
•iPads for the teachers
•Lego Robotics for the science curriculum

We liaise regularly with the School Board and a P&F representative attends the monthly Board meetings.

The power of prayer by mothers in the world was particularly recognised 20 years ago by two English grandmothers. Veronica and Sandra felt moved by the Holy Spirit to bring together small groups of mothers to principally pray for their children and grandchildren.
It has turned into a global movement. Today hundreds of such groups gather regularly to offer all the cares and concerns of mothers to the Lord.
Our Lady of the Rosary parish has its own mothers prayers group. It meets weekly at the homes of members to pray for the needs and welfare of their offspring and families. Using a prayer booklet, the format of the meetings include readings of Scriptures for the forthcoming Sunday followed by information discussion about the meaning and lessons from the readings.
Meetings conclude with the offering of petitions to Our Lord for loved ones, hymn singing and then fellowship.
New members would be warmly welcomed. Contact Claudette De Silva on 9446 2624 or Dorothy Johnston on 9341 4405 and email

The Parish Pastoral Council is a representative body, with the parish priest, religious and laity working together to provide leadership to the parish. The council advises the parish priest and helps to set goals for advancing Christian ministry within the parish.
Among its aims are to engage the parish in the mission of the church in the world, help with apostolic work, promote study and reflection, respond to the needs of the people in the parish and foster and support all parish activities.
It plays an important role in communicating within the parish community and aiding the work of diocesan organisations.
The council meets monthly. Members are co-opted by invitation. President Helen Murray can provide more details   as can Elle Aurora in the parish office on 9446 2055 and email

The Parish Pastoral Council is keen to reach out to families in the parish and school community and encourage participation at Mass and in the life of the parish. One particular means to pursue this goal it to provide opportunities for children, youth and parents to experience the love of God and to come “to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him”. Work is starting in the parish to generate opportunities that include (but are not limited to) a Children’s Liturgy during Sunday Mass and a Youth Ministry. Children’s Liturgy is now held during each 10 o’clock Mass on Sunday mornings.
Other ideas and suggestions are very welcome. Council member Carli Woolfrey is leading this initiative and is actively soliciting input. Contact her on 0422 402 218 and email

A social group for senior members of the parish was formed 45 years ago. Known as the Rosarians, the group was active and grew in size over many years. It hosted guest speakers and organised concerts and afternoon teas, an annual Mother’s Day Mass in St Catherine’s Convent and a Christmas lunch at the end of each year. Unfortunately, in recent years the ranks of the Rosarians dwindled as age caught up with many of the organisers.
However the concept (and the Mother’s Day gathering) survives and a renewal of interest from younger women may herald a revival. The group is now committed to doing two gatherings each year. If you are interested, talk to Angela Swain on 9446 6857 and email, Miriam Peachey on 9446 3266 or Maureen Byrne on 9446 8195

The Piety Stall has been operating in the parish for more than thirty years, originally under the auspices of the Legion of Mary. In recent years two volunteers have maintained the service but more are now needed to sustain the operation. The stall needs to be staffed straight after each weekend Mass so parishioners may purchase religious items, books and cards sourced from Gattos in Tuart Hill. The stall also handles the procurement and sale of the annual Columban calendars.
If you would be willing to assist in the running of the Piety Stall, please contact Mary Hayes on 9445 2834 and email

The Word of God is fundamental to the liturgy of the Eucharist. For this reason, those people who do the readings at Mass are known as Proclaimers of the Word. It is their privilege to share God’s Word with the community. This ministry is a form of service for those who possess faith, commitment and confident speaking skills.
Two proclaimers are used at most Masses. One delivers the First Reading and Responsorial Psalm and the other the Second Reading and Gospel Acclamation. The second person also welcomes the congregation before Mass, reads the commentary for the day and leads the Prayers of the Faithful after the Creed.
Proclaimers use a book called Break Open the Word to prepare their readings and assist them with pronunciation.
For more information contact Susanne Whyte on 0413 048 268 and email

Since the introduction of minor changes to the liturgy for the celebration of the Eucharist, weekend Masses have been aided by the display of text on large screens alongside the altar. Prayers and responses by the congregation are projected using PowerPoint slides.
The preparation of these slides every week is the work of a small band of volunteers. They prepare the texts, proofread them and download them onto a laptop computer which is connected during Mass to our digital projection system.
The PowerPoint operators need to arrive early for Mass so they can set up the computer ready for use. They need to be familiar with the Liturgy so they can respond on cue at all the key stages.
Additional volunteers are invited to help provide this important service. Please contact Kaye Shervington in the parish office on 0411 123 441 and email

The Dominican Laity is a group of dedicated followers of St Dominic’s example while living and working in the secular world..
It aims to foster a richer relationship with God in its own ranks and to share that with the wider community.

Much effort goes into praying for the work of the Church and the Dominican Order in spreading the Gospel message

The Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of the Rosary has been circulating to homes in the parish every week for more than 40 years. During each stay the rosary is recited daily. Households on the roster, currently numbering 23, pass the statue on in rotation. A second statue is available for short-term loan if the need arises where someone wishes to pray to Mary for a special reason.
More parishioners are invited to join the program. Simply call Valerie Rosser on 9244 1012 and email

Each week it costs about $2800 to run the parish. This money is largely raised through the generous contributors to the Planned Giving program and second collection. (This is quite separate to the proceeds of the first collection which pay for our priests and the priory.)
Contributions to planned giving come in three ways: weekly envelopes, monthly direct debit drawdowns and donations. Currently about 230 families in the parish are regular givers but more are needed to meet the level of annual expenditure.
The Planned Giving and Finance Committees co-ordinate the receipt of parish funds, manage payments for the operation of the parish and distribute envelopes and contribution statements.
Participating in the Planned Giving Program is one of the most tangible means of supporting the work of the parish. Our funding management team would love to hear from anyone willing to join the program or increase their current contributions.
Leave your details with the parish office or contact committee members Doris Zambonetti on 0428 441566 and email

Acolytes assist the priest in the celebration of the Eucharist.

Although much maintenance of church facilities requires professional services, some of the work is carried out by volunteer labour drawn from the ranks of parishioners.
The Parish Pastoral Council has a designated member whose role it is to co-ordinate remedial tasks around the church and its environs. Jobs may include gardening, green waste clean-up, tidying of paths and steps and general care and maintenance of facilities.
The work is only required on irregular occasions although more frequently in the wake of adverse weather.
If you would like to register your interest in helping out from time to time, contact Helen Murray.